Used Cooking Oil Collection

Servicing Oregon Statewide

Used cooking oil (UCO) collection has long been seen as a dirty and greasy endeavor, but Rogue Biofuels is changing the status quo. By offering the simple promises of cleanliness, a devotion to personalized service, and competitive pricing, Rogue Biofuels has raised the expectations of what a UCO collection company can and should do.

Rogue Biofuels provides restaurants with clean containers and uses specialized UCO collection techniques to ensure no mess at your business. Rogue’s equipment is superior because we only use vacuum pumps, which drastically cuts down on spills, greasy containers, flies, and odor. We work to keep our containers…well, not greasy!

At Rogue Biofuels, we recognize that in the restaurant industry, unexpected crises sometimes happen. We’re prepared to handle any situation due to our regionally stationed vacuum pump trucks in Southern Oregon, Central Oregon, the Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley, and the Portland area. There’s no grease emergency we can’t handle.

Our containers are redefining expectations. When you sign up with Rogue Biofuels, we’ll deliver a clean, custom-built container sized to fit your restaurant’s needs. Contact us by phone at 541-727-7350 or fill out our inquiry form for more information or to make arrangements to begin our service.

Our containers:

  • Simple and clean design
  • Sit just 3' feet off the ground for easy UCO pouring
  • Built-in grates to catch food debris
  • Available in various sizes:
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 180 gal. bin
    • 209 gal. bin
    • 315 gal. bin

By recycling this “waste oil” into a valuable and proven alternative fuel, Rogue Biofuels hopes to be a part of a cleaner and more efficient Oregon.

Collection routes vary depending on location, however, Rogue Biofuels will make sure your restaurant’s needs are always met. If a container is becoming full ahead of schedule, simply contact our office at (541) 727–7350. Rogue’s top priority is providing our customers with the best possible service.