Letter to the Editor

on Tuesday, 17 September 2013. Posted in Biofuel Industry News/Media

In response to the two articles printed in the Ashland Daily Tidings and Medford Mail Tribune regarding the closure of Rising Phoenix Biofuels, we'd like to share our letter to the editor (printed in the Tidings on 9/21/13):


No “Death Throes” For Booming Biodiesel Industry

To the editor,
The closing of Rising Phoenix Biofuels is indeed a loss for the community as a whole. Its closure, however, does not reflect the health of the local or national biodiesel industry.
We at Rogue Biofuels will recycle over 200,000 gallons of locally-collected used cooking oil into biodiesel this year. Since incorporating in 2008, we have steadily grown each year, seeing 40% growth for 2013. And our advancement is not unique. The U.S. biodiesel industry is producing more biodiesel this year than ever before.
As of 2011, all diesel fuel sold in Oregon is blended with 5% biodiesel, a level supported by all vehicle manufacturers. High blends such as B99 (the fuel previously sold at Rising Phoenix Biofuels and currently sold at our own station) may be used in some diesel vehicles without modification but is incompatible with others. B99 is therefore only popular with those committed to using a locally made & renewable fuel.
Fuel retailers’ margins are very small. Standard fuel stations rely on their convenience stores to create profits; at Rogue Biofuels, we rely on the collection of the used cooking oil the fuel is made from. Our industry is not dying – it’s thriving.

Jordan Beck, President of Rogue Biofuels, Ashland, OR


*Our letter is in response to "Phoenix Biofuels Business Closing Doors After Nine Years" printed in the Tidings on 9/13/13 and "Phoenix Biofuels Effort Runs Out of Gas" printed in the Tribune on 9/14/13.

**We'd like to thank David Tourzan and all who were a part of Rising Phoenix Biofuels for their hard work educating the public about the benefits of using a locally made, environmentally friendly, renewable fuel and for providing that fuel to our community for so many years. Your efforts towards supporting a healthy environment and American-made fuel is truly appreciated. Thank you!