Jackson County Plastic Round-Up

on Tuesday, 10 September 2013. Posted in Biofuel Industry News/Media

Recycle Hard & Soft Plastics this Fall!

Jackson County Plastic Round-up
Fri. & Sat., October 25-26, 2013, 9:00 – 4:00
Jackson County Expo – Gate 1.5, Peninger Rd near Biddle
Please Spread the Word
Jackson County Recycling Partnership is pleased to announce dates for the Fall 2013 Plastic Round-up. We were not able to set a date before now due to geo-political forces affecting recycling markets (see below). Please save the date and tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues. 
Plastic Recycling Industry Update
Earlier this year, China tightened restrictions on imports of plastic and other waste items. Referred to as the “Green Fence,” it has caused a fairly severe ripple effect for plastic recyclers in the United States and around the world, with back-logged plastic at ports and recycling facilities, and some waste material recovery facilities now landfilling plastic.
Despite this, our recycler AgriPlas, has committed to accepting plastic from the Round-up again this Fall, with a few factors that enable our event to be held 1) Relationships with markets/recyclers outside of China (in the US and Asia) that are accepting plastic 2) A business partnership with Agilyz that extracts the petroleum from plastic, returning it to crude oil, 3) The Plastic Round-up only accepts clean, presorted material, which is more marketable than plastics that arrive mixed and dirty; And, 4) Because Master Recyclers volunteering at the event ensure a higher quality/better sorted plastic.
In-depth information about the Green Fence can be found by Googling: "Resource Recycling Green Fence”, “Recycling Today Green Fence”, and “China’s Green Fence”. Here is a local article about it: 
Any and all recycling markets are subject to fluctuations. You can reduce the need to recycle by choosing durable, reusable goods, buying bulk and used products, and borrowing or renting infrequently used items. Also look for products made from recycled materials, which closes the recycling loop. 
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