Rogue Biofuels Retail Station

Rogue Biofuels isn’t just another used cooking oil (UCO) collection company – 100% of the used cooking oil/grease oil we collect is used to produce biodiesel right here in Oregon. Our commitment to alternative fuel extends to our retail biofuel service station.

Rogue Biofuels’ self-service biodiesel retail station in Ashland, Oregon, sells B99 (99% Oregon-made biodiesel, 1% diesel). The station, located at 1409 N Hwy 99, outside of Paradise Supply, is open 24 hours a day. Call Paradise Supply at 541-552-1037 for current biodiesel prices.


  • First-time biodiesel users, or those with engines made before 1993, may need to change fuel filters and/or rubber fuel system components shortly after switching to high-blend biodiesel.

  • Biodiesel gels when it gets too cold, just like olive oil in your fridge. In temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend blending our B99 in a 50-50 ratio with conventional diesel. Below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend blending B99 in a 20-80 ratio with diesel. Be aware that the biodiesel sold at our station is made from many different types of UCO collected from restaurants and therefore the temperature at which it can gel may vary.