Who is Rogue Biofuels?

Oregonian owned and operated since 2008, Rogue Biofuels is a fully insured UCO (used cooking oil) collection service and biodiesel retailer. We provide hundreds of our participating restaurants with clean, efficient and friendly collection service. It is our mission to encourage and facilitate sustainable UCO recycling practices in Oregon.

We believe that recycling used cooking oil to create locally made fuel is essential to helping both the environment and Oregon’s economy. 100% of the UCO we collect is made into biodiesel right here in Oregon. Our retail station brings “green” energy straight to the consumer.

Thank you for your business!

Why You Should "Go Rogue"

  • Payment for your used oil/grease.
  • Reliable service.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Our collection service includes an initial quality assessment to make a fair, market-competitive price per gallon bid for your used oil/grease. Payments are made quarterly. Special arrangements may be possible. Contact a sales representative for more information.

Our customers are provided with a custom fabricated 180-, 209- or 315-gallon grease bin. These bins come with a filtering basket to collect food debris and a locking hinged lid. We’ve designed our bins to be low to the ground and user-friendly, reducing the risk of employee-related spills and keeping your grease bin area clean and safe. We also have 55-gallon drums available for customers with limited container space.

For oil/grease pick-up, our septic-style vacuum truck quickly sucks oil/grease right out of the bin for easy, clean collection without disturbing your business. This effective method of collection guarantees no spills and no mess. We have trucks in Southern OR, Central OR, the Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley and the Portland area for your convenience, and are properly insured in the event of a spill or accident. Grease trap-cleaning services also available.

Thank you for considering Rogue Biofuels as your oil/grease collection service provider. Please contact us by phone, 541-727-7350, or fill out our inquiry form for more information or to make arrangements to begin our service. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jordan's Story

Jordan Beck, President of Rogue BiofuelsThe seeds of Rogue Biofuels were planted back when I was a young boy, tinkering on cars with my diesel engine-loving father. I grew to share his passion for this efficient and durable engine design — a design originally invented to run off of peanut oil. My fascination continued on through my days at Southern Oregon University, where I met other diesel engine enthusiasts. These students wanted to tinker instead with making fuel for their vehicles — fuel made from used cooking oil (UCO). I was thrilled at the idea. But to make biofuel, we needed much more oil than the baking aisle at the local grocery store could provide. We started asking local restaurants to donate their used cooking oil to our cause. Before we knew it, we were experimenting with making clean-burning, French fry-smelling, wonderful biodiesel.

As we talked to restaurant owners about their UCO, we discovered there was a gap in the Southern Oregon collection industry. Restaurants wanted and needed a local, reliable collection service. That’s when the idea struck: What if we started our own collection business? What if we stepped up to provide these restaurants with top-rate service and recycled their waste oil into biofuel? And thus, a personal pastime became a business venture.

Rogue Biofuels was incorporated in 2008 and has brought excellence to the UCO collection industry, and biodiesel straight to the consumer, ever since. We have top-of-the-line collection equipment, a hard-working team dedicated to personalized service, and our own biodiesel retail station. In partnership with hundreds of restaurants around Oregon, we work towards a greener future. We strive to stimulate Oregon’s economy, address the nation’s energy crisis and educate the public about the benefits of green energy.

Jordan Beck
President of Rogue Biofuels